Sunday, February 15, 2009

A very special Valentine Gift

Last Saturday, I received a very special Valentine Gift from my darling. A nicely wrap box with two T-shirts inside, one small, and one XXL..

The small T-Shirt have a cartoon drawing of me, backpacking..

And the T-Shirt Read, "He is mine, Don't Touch!"

The XXL T-shirt have a sexy drawing of my darling, Winnie wearing bikini, sunbathing at the beach.

And the T-Shirt read: "She mine, don't touch!"

Thanks darling, this is the best Valentine gift I ever receive, is so creative and really touch by your effort (See Note) of making this very special T-Shirt.. Love u!

Note A: To make this special T-Shirt,
  1. Winnie have to go to Kodak to take picture herself.
  2. Then, she needs to rush to KL Central point, find an artist to draw us, per her instruction, i.e me backpacking, and she's is sunbathing.
  3. Winnie then needs to choose two good T-Shirt for us.
  4. Take the T-Shirt, the painiting to a printing shop, type out the text, choose fonts, color, layout..and finally print on the T-shirt.
  5. It take her a total 4-5 hours to do all the above. A project well executed.
  6. Idea above is copy right to write to us if u wants use the idea.
    Any donation are welcome...haha.
Note B: For me, I have give my best effort of making our first Valentine a very special one, Winnie give me score of 90/100 of my effort..and this will be secret between me and her, however, do write to me if u interested to find out..I might share u a tips or two..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Lazy afternoon with my girl friend,

Today is Malaysia public holiday, my darling Winnie decided to cook a yummy yummy lunch for me today. So, we both went to market early morning, bought some fresh vegetables, chicken, some prawns, and some cooking ingredients, such as cooking oil, soya source, garlic, chicken stock, and etc.

I help her to prepare the food, and she did most of the cooking. The dish is simple and nice, we both enjoy this quality time together. I feels very 幸福 (happiness). Thank God that, I have found you, Winnie. I wished that we will have many many such beautiful moments together in many many years to come.

Love you!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Support Sarawak Children Cancer Society

1. Read Kenny Sia about supporting Sarawak Children Cancer Society

2. Donate here.

3. Watch Kenny Sia turn to botak by 15th Feb.