Friday, May 22, 2009

Officially husband and wife

Our Wedding Rings, check...

Flowers, check

The lovely couple, Winnie and James, Check

James say: "Saya Setuju (I agree)" almost immediately,
naughty Winnie take a moment to think for few seconds, and finally
say "Saya Setuju"....

Officially Husband and Wife at 10:45am

Monday, May 18, 2009

A very touching SMS from my Wife..

My wife just send me a very touching SMS, I just needs to record the SMS here, so it will kept forever

Previously I feel safe bcos there r alwiz 2 sets of foot steps,
one is mind and d other is Jesus.
Dar, with u cumg in 2 my life, now my life is complete and fill with contentment and happiness.
I am really thankful to God for sending u and bay,
now there will always be more and more foot steps in this happy family of ours and I believed,
just like our prayer,
we will growth in size and in love with Him guiding and leading us..
Darling I will always love u and walk with u till the last step in our life,
Love u darling..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Love is decision, not by feeling!!

I just attended a Pre-Marriage course with my soon to be Wife, Winne, and one things we learn from the course, is Love is always base on decision, not by feeling, this has come to surprise to many of us, for me, how could One in love with someout without feeling in the first place? Right.

But at the end, I learned that if Love purely base on Feeling, that one can easily fall in, and one could easily fall out, as we human being can't control our feeling, but we can decide to continue to love in regardless of what feeling we have..

I posted my view on this on facebook, this is feedback on my friends on this same topic, some is very interesting.

Khoo Chen Shiang is Learn that Love is always base on decision, and not by feeling. In any situation, we always has to decide base on our desire or base on love

Richa Dwivedi
Richa Dwivedi
I don't get it. Does it mean you're in love because you've "decided" to be in love rather than you "feel" in love?? Doesn't make sense! I'm confused...

Khoo Chen Shiang
Khoo Chen Shiang
If love purely base on feeling, that it's easy to "fall in" and so does it will easy "fall out". For example, if my partner late of our date, I can be angry and decide to raise my voice to ask why she's late, or I can decide to love, and ask with concern voice, is she ok, and etc.

I could decide to always spend my weekend with friend for few round of Golf, or I could decide to take 1-2 weekend off with my wife just do nothing or cook dishes together..

A lot of marriage couple are "seen" from outside eye they are marry, but in fact they are marriage individual, again a decision they made..

Annie Tan
Annie Tan
fren, don't look at other ppl, just be happy with what you are doing and live with it. God is there for you, He never take an off day! :-)

Wong Yeow Soon
Wong Yeow Soon
Hey man, its oo complicated. Love is feeling, understanding, caring, dedicating. Over the years, you will find out, whether you love or beloved,it's a burden. Moreover, whatever decision you make for your future, married or single, you'll be regretted for the rest of your life.

Luckchai Lerchaichanakul
Luckchai Lerchaichanakul
I'm sure James has lots (if not too many) of feeling on this luv based on the story developed steps by steps from James' blogs over the whole period. But after all the loving feeling, one has to decide whether to commit to this love or else... It's the life long commitment that need more than just feeling which can change over time...

Jamie Lim
Jamie Lim
Emmm... Then am gotta repeat my principle @ L.O.V.E again... 1st r'ship = she luv u more than u lov her but cudn't work out... 2nd r'ship = u luv her more than she luv u but still cudn't work out... 3rd r'ship usually it's the time to get marry = both luvES are 50% 50% but it's juz the timing is rite >>> P/S: Emmm... That's the love on decision lol i guess :P

Wong Yeow Soon
Wong Yeow Soon
Jamie, i heard this before, but i think this is some kind of nonsence to me. When it's come to love or true love, there is no percentage to each other, somehow or rather, you die for it.

Khoo Chen Shiang
Khoo Chen Shiang
Answer to Jamie, nope, I Love my wife Winnie very much, and Love can't be quantifiable, thus it's pointless to compare u current love with previous lovers. Live the moment, and treasure you love now.

Luckchai get my message 100% correctly!

After marriage, when everyone back to realities, we people easily takes things for granted, and sooner or later, we start blaming our partner that he/she is not as romantic as before, and surprisingly we will hear the same from our partner, haha but all this can change if we wants to change, again decision,decision, and decisions....

We could decide to give a a simple morning kiss to our love one, before we go to work, a Call to ask how his/her day in the office, a surprise visit to his/her office for lunch, or just simple lying down at Sofa, under a blanket, and watch a good movie together..and soon we will get back the romantic feeling we used to have..

Joe Heath
Joe Heath
Sounds like you could have a career writing that gobbledygook you find in the horoscope section of the newspaper... ;o)

James Khoo, Agony Aunt & Feng Shui Toilet Master

*joke* :op
Khoo Chen Shiang
Khoo Chen Shiang
haha, thanks for teaching me new English word today, "Gobbledygook"..

Joe Heath
Joe Heath
It's a great word. I challenge you to use it in conversation at least 10 times today

Annie Tan
Annie Tan
Fully agreeable with u James!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wedding Invitation

Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love we,

Winnie Wong Wai Lin


James Khoo Chen Shiang

cordially invite you to share
the beginning of our new life together when we exchange marriage vows

on Saturday, 4th July 2009, 10:30am
@ Church of St Francis Xavier,
135, Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

follow-by luncheon

on Saturday, 4th July 2009, 12:30pm
@ Jaya Palace Restaurant,Ground Flour Wisma LYL,
No 12 Jalan 51A/223, Petaling Jaya.

Location Map for ST Francis Xavier (SFX) Church

Location Map for Jaya Palace Restaurant