Monday, December 04, 2006

Ever since I got my Wii

Donut is not very happy!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Latest US TV Series that I enjoyed

It's been a long time since my last update, anywhere..
Listed below are few TV series that I am really enjoyed:

1. Heroes (From ABC network) - A series about a group of people all over the world on discovering their special power (e.g. reading people mind, stopping the time, paint the future, and others), and how the discovering process affect the surrounding world, This series is far more better then the "Lost" in terms of character building, plot, and the story. Highly recommended.

2. Justice - "CSI + LA Law", and the formula works..

3. House - Still the best TV series on Medical/Hospital, like the character House, very cool and cruel..

and finally

4. Desperate House Wives, yeh yeh, call me sissy if u like, but I still like the series...So what..

So, whcih shows u will recommends?

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Blog for Donut !

To all Donut's Fans:

After months of preparation, we finally set up a blog called, a blog just for Donut! You can access all Donut's latest photos, adventures, videos and also links to other pug blogs. Check it out, enjoy and please do leave a comment or two !


Monday, May 29, 2006

Playing NDS with bunch of Kids.

On 27 May 2006. Out of curiosity and ahem .... just to feel young again, I purposely dropped by a local NDS group gathering at KLCC yesterday and to check out what's all the hype about NDS wireless game. The NDS group gathers once a month in various locations in KL city.

At the gathering, all the members are younger than me. In fact, very much younger. I try to be cool and pretend to understand the latest “X/Y” gen language but felt so so lost. I still could not understand why all the kids are obsessed about item swapping, chopping your tree, visit your house, post a note, watering your plants at your gardens and other boring activities in NDS game called “Animal Crossing”, anyone care to enlighten me ???

Here are a couple of photos taken at the gathering:

Me playing wireless "Tetrises" with all the Kids

Me trying to act cool but blur blur ...

Members are engrossed in playing animal crossing (a boring game in my opinion)

Overall, I had a nice break from my daily work routine and pretty much enjoyed myself.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Donut Latest Video Update, May 2006

I am having a lot of fun using Google Picasa Tools to compose and edit all my photos. One of the coolest feature of the tool is it allows me to create video by simply selecting a set of photos from my photo folders. Below is a video created using Donut's latest photos .... hope u'll like it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

[Donut's Diary] - How to resist tempation ...

Most of the time, my father treat me like his precious. He will hug me, kiss me and treat me like his son. Sometimes , he “tortures” me by putting my favorite food beside or on my paws and see how long I can resist the temptation. I think it's my Father's dream for me to break the World Guinness Record and make him famous ... ha ha, in his dream lah! OK! I hate this training so much. Everybody please see the video below and u will know why.

Resist temptation Take I – Which I failed ....

Resist temptation Take II : I break the 25 seconds record ...

Now u see. My father is very mean, isn't he? bow, wow,wow!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Looking for Java Developers !!

We are looking for good Java Developers. If u think u are young (physical age is not important here) and dynamic, love challenges and likes working in a friendly and fun environment, able to take one or two jokes from me (or jokes about me) .... apply here!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Project All About Sudoku!

"Hi I am James, and I am addicted to Sudoku, it all started few weeks ago...".

I admit that I am very addicted to the game. I must play at least one Sudoku puzzle a day or else I feel that something is missing from me. And it's a very good brain exercise for everyone, is highly recommended for anyone who's older then 30+ and people will start calling u "uncle", like me :-(

I love the game so much that I was actually thinking of putting one Sudoku puzzle as part of the interview questions for a Java developer position which I'm hiring for my present Company. I think that if one can't even solve a simple Sudoku puzzle within a given time frame, their problem solving skill is pretty much limited. Somehow, my Manager rejected this idea.

My "Geek" friend Paul Ho and I had several interesting discussions about the game ... about algorithms on generating a unique Sudoku, what is the best program logic to solve a given puzzle ... so on. As a 120% "geek" than me and a very good Java developer, Paul was able to come out with a Java base Sudoku game under 4K and completed within 1 week time frame. Well done Paul! Bravo !

Paul 4K Sudoku game (download from here) actually triggered me to start my very first open source project called "Project all about Sudoku" hosted at The aim of this project is to provide a platform (A Java Swing Application) for developers around the world to participate by delivering various kind of plugins to make this addictive game more fun, entertaining and most importantly ... Free For All!.

Well, this project just went "live" yesterday and u can download a "SQLPlus" version of the game. Appreciate if u could check it out and do tell me what do u think. I could use all your support to boost the project ranking.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Coolboy at Bristol

My sister complained to me about why I didn’t write any thing about Bristol at my blog, a place where I have been staying for almost 3 weeks. Well, here are the reasons:


On this day, a huge blizzard of snow came down out of nowhere as I was walking to the Office. The snow melted away during lunchtime.

Eversince I touched down in Bristol, UK the weather here has been between 0 - 5 degrees celcius. At night, the temperature can go down to -8 degrees. It's so cold that I have not travelled anywhere, not even to the City. I prefer to stay in my warm heated room.

After our morning breakfast, me and my colleague walk to our Office from The Rookery 227 B&B Inn, work from 9 till 5:30pm, walk back and eat microwave foods, do some surfing, watch TV and go to sleep.

During weekends, we go to a nearby supermarket, get more microwave foods, juices and some fruits. Why buy microwave foods, you may ask? Well, because it’s too bloody cold to go outside for proper dining. So there isn’t much I can write about. Especially when u feel very moody and miserable … the only things to get me going is the yummy breakfast … which is the same old, same old (see above pic) each morning.

Whoopee ! The sun is out today and weather is actually warm enough for me to travel into the city. I took a bus from Bristol (Paid 3.50 pounds - so expensive for half hour bus ride !!!!) to the famous Bristol Suspension Bridge.

The picture is actually made up by two pictures. The bridge is too long to fit in one camera shoot.

Taken from other side of the bridge. (risked my life to take this picture) I had to stand near to a cliff in order to show my readers how far above ground the bridge is build upon.

View from the Bridge. And finally ...

This is a picture of me on the bridge ... just to prove that I was actually there !

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Donut Diary: Bapa, don't go.

My father coolboy acted very strange pass few days, he always look at me with a depressing eye, and said something like: “Please take care of Mama”, “Remember to drink more water”, “be Strong”, and all other nonsense...

I found out today that my Baba have to travel to Bristol, UK, for job training, and he will be there for a month god...who's going to sleep with me? who's going to clean my cage? who's going to give me daily training, and most importantly, who's going to bath me..and feed me, and “sayang” me, and clean my wrinkle face, sing night night song for me...

I don't want u to go!!! I don't care.....srr...

So the moment he bring up the big suitcase for packing, I straight away jump into and “kacau” him...

Please dont't go!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I am old today!

Well, time do fly, isn't? Wake up this morning, and discovered that Chinese new year almost over..damp! I am getting old, feels old, and looks and I am doing nothing about all these, what a lazy person! I think I am heading to the “30 years++” middle age man crises? I start grumbling a lot, concern little boy/girls call me "uncle", paid a lot of time in front of mirrot, and other "middle age man" symptoms..,oh my God, please help me!

I needs some ideas to feels young again, the concept of “middle age man” still very far from me..thus please help me if u have any idea to make one feels young again. Listed here are my so call new year resolutions to avoid middle age man crises:

1. To feels young, one needs to be around with young peoples –one way to achieve this is to hire more young people (Java peoples) as my team members, then I will understand their “culture”, talk their language, play their games, and most importantly, feels young again.

So, if u have more then 3 years development with Java, knows J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, and other open source frameworks, and most importantly, you are young (I mean you feels young everyday, physical age is not important here), and you are fun and outgoing people, like to work with a “ahem” easy going and fun, and not so old help me by dropping me your resume at my email at khoo dot james at gmail dot com (Will let u know my new company later)

2. I needs to go to Pulau Perhentian often, that's place is a “energy recharge” place for me. Clear water, clean air, and most importantly, good looking young people, like young Japanese girl likes to go there. Guarantee will feels young there, don't believer me, here a picture of Pulau Perhentian taken from CNY break:

3. To get Diving license by this year.. Needs to have one dive at Malaysia Famous diving spot, at Pulua Simpadan before I reach 35...very very important.

Well, that's all folks...Feels young! and act young! Here a latest Donut's picture wishing u all...”Gong Xi Fai Chai”

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gong Xi Fai Chai from Donut

Enjoy!, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's me in 3D!

I am having fun on creating a 3D Avater of me over weekend, using "it's me v2" that come with my WebCam I purchased at Lowyat. After hours of fine tuning, here the very first result of me dacing crazily.. Enjoy!

[Update 22 Jab.9:13pm] I jJust discover one stupid blogspot feature, blogger will automatically convert animation gif file to jpeg format. So to see the stupid me dacing, click the following link at

My next project is to put Donut Face on an Avater, and say "Gong Xi Fah Chai" for all Chinese Reader..kee kee!

Friday, January 13, 2006

[Tips for Lazy Person] - How to work out your dog!

Here's a tips on how to work out your dog!

1. Get a Remote Control car, aim for a car which are bit bigger then your dog's soft toy, the RC car below cost me about RM30.

2. Get your dog's favorite soft toy ready

3. Attached the soft toy on the RC car with a rubber band

4. And test run it, ha ha. Enjoy!

FYI, Donut is chasing his toy for a good 10 I called that a good exercise for the day!