Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Donut's latest Video

Oh my god, just realized that I haven't updated my blog for sometime, sorry for all my fans out there (I do have fans, right?.... or do I?) . Being very very busy on work, so sorry. To apologize, listed below are some Latest Donut Video we taken past weeks, I hope u will enjoy them, some of them are very very funny.

  1. Donut enjoying his daily greenie.

  2. Donut at daily training session

  3. Donut somehow don't remember how to do “High Five”

I promise I will continue update my blog...promise...till next time, kisses from Donut!!!

PS: All the video are encoded using WMV format, which is not "Linux" or "Unix" friendly..could someone tell me how to convert a WMV file to a more friendly real media file?

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