Friday, February 10, 2006

I am old today!

Well, time do fly, isn't? Wake up this morning, and discovered that Chinese new year almost over..damp! I am getting old, feels old, and looks and I am doing nothing about all these, what a lazy person! I think I am heading to the “30 years++” middle age man crises? I start grumbling a lot, concern little boy/girls call me "uncle", paid a lot of time in front of mirrot, and other "middle age man" symptoms..,oh my God, please help me!

I needs some ideas to feels young again, the concept of “middle age man” still very far from me..thus please help me if u have any idea to make one feels young again. Listed here are my so call new year resolutions to avoid middle age man crises:

1. To feels young, one needs to be around with young peoples –one way to achieve this is to hire more young people (Java peoples) as my team members, then I will understand their “culture”, talk their language, play their games, and most importantly, feels young again.

So, if u have more then 3 years development with Java, knows J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, and other open source frameworks, and most importantly, you are young (I mean you feels young everyday, physical age is not important here), and you are fun and outgoing people, like to work with a “ahem” easy going and fun, and not so old help me by dropping me your resume at my email at khoo dot james at gmail dot com (Will let u know my new company later)

2. I needs to go to Pulau Perhentian often, that's place is a “energy recharge” place for me. Clear water, clean air, and most importantly, good looking young people, like young Japanese girl likes to go there. Guarantee will feels young there, don't believer me, here a picture of Pulau Perhentian taken from CNY break:

3. To get Diving license by this year.. Needs to have one dive at Malaysia Famous diving spot, at Pulua Simpadan before I reach 35...very very important.

Well, that's all folks...Feels young! and act young! Here a latest Donut's picture wishing u all...”Gong Xi Fai Chai”


Kong said...

Guess I'm out. I'm old both physically and mentally.

Lance said...

dude, you want to get diving license? talk to me when you are ready. I can introduced you to my diving instructor Peter, a very good, experienced "old" man :-D His dive shop is at Lang Tengah, near Perhentian.

As for you to be able to dive at Sipadan, You need more than a "Open Dive License", you need to get "Advanced Diving License", (<-just my personal View) and really a lot of practice to get really comfortable in the water.

As the old man Pete will say "Ladies and gentleman, please be very worry if you see any sea bed, cause you probably at 2000 feet depth.... oh wait, forget about that.. you already dead by then"