Monday, May 29, 2006

Playing NDS with bunch of Kids.

On 27 May 2006. Out of curiosity and ahem .... just to feel young again, I purposely dropped by a local NDS group gathering at KLCC yesterday and to check out what's all the hype about NDS wireless game. The NDS group gathers once a month in various locations in KL city.

At the gathering, all the members are younger than me. In fact, very much younger. I try to be cool and pretend to understand the latest “X/Y” gen language but felt so so lost. I still could not understand why all the kids are obsessed about item swapping, chopping your tree, visit your house, post a note, watering your plants at your gardens and other boring activities in NDS game called “Animal Crossing”, anyone care to enlighten me ???

Here are a couple of photos taken at the gathering:

Me playing wireless "Tetrises" with all the Kids

Me trying to act cool but blur blur ...

Members are engrossed in playing animal crossing (a boring game in my opinion)

Overall, I had a nice break from my daily work routine and pretty much enjoyed myself.


Anonymous said...

eih, no comment wow~
sorry~ I've no idea abt this so called X ( or should by 'Y') generation games either.

cheers! ky

The Guru said...

dude, animal crossing rules.... n00b