Friday, October 27, 2006

Latest US TV Series that I enjoyed

It's been a long time since my last update, anywhere..
Listed below are few TV series that I am really enjoyed:

1. Heroes (From ABC network) - A series about a group of people all over the world on discovering their special power (e.g. reading people mind, stopping the time, paint the future, and others), and how the discovering process affect the surrounding world, This series is far more better then the "Lost" in terms of character building, plot, and the story. Highly recommended.

2. Justice - "CSI + LA Law", and the formula works..

3. House - Still the best TV series on Medical/Hospital, like the character House, very cool and cruel..

and finally

4. Desperate House Wives, yeh yeh, call me sissy if u like, but I still like the series...So what..

So, whcih shows u will recommends?


Peter Srivaree-Ratana said...

#1. CSI (Las Vegas) - I like detectives in this series more than others. Have you seen Grey's Anatomy? This could be on the top of my list if it's available in Thailand.

#2. House Somehow I feel for House as a person as well as a smart person.

#3. Las Vegas - well, call me soft, i love cute characters both guys and girls.

#4. Desperate Housewives - yeah, i love it too. I even went to the set while I visited Universal Studios LA few months back.

#5. Numbers - geek + number theory = cool...

#6. Amazing Race Asia - try to promote our first Asian Amazing Race.

cat said...

嗯...原來這麼久沒見..都跑去看一堆連續劇拉..^^ 哈哈..