Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Google Please Hire Me (Ideas to Google)

I always wanted to work at Google so that I can bring my dog to work, enjoy yummy yummy meals and work with all the cool people at Google. Given my current status:
- A 35 years old bored software development manager and performing mostly boring management stuff.
- Technically strong but yet I believe I am not as good as most of Google staff.
- Does not hold any working permit for US/India/China

Thus, the chance Google granting me an interview is very, very slim, :-(

Thus, instead of going via the normal route of applying a job at Google (i.e upload my resume to Google jobs portal and throwing my CV into giant black hole), I will try another route.

Starting from today and for every two weeks, I will try to post some of my crazy ideas to Google in my Blog. Hopefully, Google HR will one day notice my creativity and call me for an interview. Wish me luck.

My first idea to Google is "Google Mobile Phone Address Book" service.

Google mobile phone address book services comprise of the following modules:
  1. A web portal for user to manage their contacts
  2. A mobile application for user to upload and sync contacts to Google mobile phone address book portal

  1. Each phone vendor uses native address book format so there isn't an easy way to migrate our address book from our vendor to another (When you are switching phone, or lost your phone).
  2. It is difficult for user to backup their address book.

Propose Features:
  1. The propose web portal will understand address book format from different vendor and provide data conversion service.
  2. User could login to the web portal to manage their contact (insert, delete, update)
  3. User could download a customzied mobile app from the web portal that allow them to sync/update their contact to the address book portal.
  4. If user change to a new phone, he/she could download the mobile app for the new phone and request full address book download from the web portal. Web portal will automatically convert to address book data format
  5. Integrated with Gmail, user could send SMS to his/her contact using gmail interface.

That's all for now. Stay tune for my next crazy idea.

PS: If anyone finds this interesting and wants to further build up those ideas, do drop me an email.


David said...

How do you plan on stopping me from sending your ideas over to someone in google directly and claiming them as mine :P

James Khoo said...

Well, David..I can't but that's not my whole intention..My whole intention is to prove my creativity to google. Anyone can steel my idea, and claims as them, but few could continues pump up new ideas, right?