Thursday, March 27, 2008

I started yet another open source project

I decided to start another open source project name Java Batch Process Control Center (JBPCC). "What, another open source project again!, what happen to your suduko project?", some of u may ask. Well, the project still hosted at sourceforge, we just not going to maintain the project any more. Reason being, I am tired of suduko already, and there are far too many variance of suduko open source project exists. Sorry!

Anywhere, the idea of Java Batch Process Control Center is somehow continue from my original idea on "Automatic Remote Logging Management via JMX". by using Java 5 instrument API, developer able to "wrap" any Java base process, and automatically offer JMX monitoring and remote logging management functionalities, and the idea of JBPCC, is to deliver end user an AJAX web application to manage, monitor and schedule any those "wrap" processes.

Proposed Features:
  • An in-memory module for remote servers to register, execute, and manage batch processes.
  • Time-based and duration-based scheduling of any configured or registered batch process for execution.
  • Monitoring currently running processes, including resources used and logs.
  • Server management for configuration of servers that hold remote batch processes.
  • A simple rights-based user management module.

Our project is hosted at , Please note that, as this is still a fairly new project, there isn't much user could download from our project repository. But, rest assure that, we will post project news, progress report, tutorial, even web cast here. So, stay tune..

Wish me luck!

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