Friday, November 21, 2008

[Tips] tired of Windows Spam and Virus?

Then listen to me, please try "Ubuntu 8.10!, the right OS!"
Once u download, and install, follow this guide to make ur desktop sexy, here are some screen shots of my current desktop, very sexy and very productive..

Running on Awn launcher bar and Conky that display
weather, CPU stat, and my gmail status.

I have up to 4 virtual desktops to work with.

The sexy task switcher..

Rotate the desktop cube, just to impress Windows user.
btw, the background image is the pic I take from KL Lookout point.
if u interest, u can download the pic from

and finally, because Ubuntu 8.10 comes with VirtualBox, u can install
Windows Vista, and surprising, it run very smooth on top of Ubuntu.

If u still not convince, do check out this Video
Haha, enjoy!

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Joe said...

What are you using for the gadget panel on the right hand side of your screen?