Friday, March 20, 2009

[Tips] An easy to remember and yet "strong" password

My girlfriend have multiple passwords for multiple website, email, and desktop login, and one of common phase I hear from her is "oh oh, I forgot my password lieu!", and usually she will tear her hair up, with a very worry face (as shown in picture above), here's my tips to her on creating an easy to remember yet "security" strong password, I hope it will benefits others as well.

  1. Think of a short phrase that easy for u to remember, type out the phrase without space. For example,"YouJumpIJump", "Whyusolazyanddirty"
  2. Append the phrase with the website you wants to log into, for example "YouJumpIJumpFacebook"
  3. For every phrase, replace all vowels to a special character that easy for u to remember, for example:
  • "a" with "^" or "@"
  • "e" with "3"
  • "i" with numeric "1"
  • "o" with numeric zero, i.e. "0", or with "()"
  • "u" with "*"
4. Thus, phrase above will translated with "Y()*J*mp1J*mpF@c3b()()k".. easy isn't it..

Here are some more example:

"YouJumpIJumpHotmail" -> "Y()*J*mp1J*mpH()tm@1l"
"iLoveDurianYahoo" -> "1L()v3D*r1@nY@h()()"
"JamesLoveUXP" -> "J@m3sL()v3*XP"

Hope u like it..

PS: The fact is my darling did not tear her hair, I just make it up to spice up the story, sorry Darling....ha ha..

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