Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Baby Girl Chyenn

To my baby girl Chyenn,

Do you know that 02-Nov is a very special day for your daddy, which I have experience GOD miracle, i.e the birth of you. After 39 weeks of ups and downs, guessing, and nervelessly waiting for you, we finally can see each other, eye to eye.

Do you still remember what had happen then?

Let me tell you ah,
when Dr Loo pull you out from your mommy womb (poor mommy), the first things you do is cry, "cleaver girl.." I said, do you know that you very first cry is very loud, yes, it's so loud that even the nurse who cleaning you say to daddy that "she will be a very healthy and demanding girl." Haha, it make daddy very proud of you oh..

Then daddy follows you to nursery room, where the nurse bath you, weighted you, and wrap you up nicely, and daddy take a lot of photos of you still remember it..

Do you still remember when daddy Sing lullaby to try to calm you down, you did try to open your eye very hard to see who's the person who sing, why it sound so familiar? and when you fail to open your eye,you post your first smile to me.. then the whole world is just freeze..from that split second, the whole world just left me and you.. our heart is then connected, I feels you in me, and I know you feel the same. From that moment, I as your daddy, will do everything to protect you, to ensure that you growth up as healthy and happy person.

When you about fall down, my hand will always there to catch you in time
When you unsure, I will always guide you.
When you tired, I will carry you to continue your journey
When you sad, my shoulder and ear is always standby and listen

Why I do all this? because GOD is nice to me, and give me the second best gift I ever have, that's you..
You mommy is my best gift from HIM.

Love You!

Your Daddy ...


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Shilpa said...

how cute baby!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you, James. Fatherhood is really a very fruitful journey. Kids teach us more than we can teach them... continue to learn.

- Paul Ho