Monday, March 06, 2006

Coolboy at Bristol

My sister complained to me about why I didn’t write any thing about Bristol at my blog, a place where I have been staying for almost 3 weeks. Well, here are the reasons:


On this day, a huge blizzard of snow came down out of nowhere as I was walking to the Office. The snow melted away during lunchtime.

Eversince I touched down in Bristol, UK the weather here has been between 0 - 5 degrees celcius. At night, the temperature can go down to -8 degrees. It's so cold that I have not travelled anywhere, not even to the City. I prefer to stay in my warm heated room.

After our morning breakfast, me and my colleague walk to our Office from The Rookery 227 B&B Inn, work from 9 till 5:30pm, walk back and eat microwave foods, do some surfing, watch TV and go to sleep.

During weekends, we go to a nearby supermarket, get more microwave foods, juices and some fruits. Why buy microwave foods, you may ask? Well, because it’s too bloody cold to go outside for proper dining. So there isn’t much I can write about. Especially when u feel very moody and miserable … the only things to get me going is the yummy breakfast … which is the same old, same old (see above pic) each morning.

Whoopee ! The sun is out today and weather is actually warm enough for me to travel into the city. I took a bus from Bristol (Paid 3.50 pounds - so expensive for half hour bus ride !!!!) to the famous Bristol Suspension Bridge.

The picture is actually made up by two pictures. The bridge is too long to fit in one camera shoot.

Taken from other side of the bridge. (risked my life to take this picture) I had to stand near to a cliff in order to show my readers how far above ground the bridge is build upon.

View from the Bridge. And finally ...

This is a picture of me on the bridge ... just to prove that I was actually there !


Peter Srivaree-Ratana said...

Cool, man. (I mean both the weather and your bridge report). At least once in a while you get new things/new heights/new challenges. It's all good, man.

Peter Srivaree-Ratana said...

another request, do you get Donut's pics recently? I like stories about you and CSI thing, about Donut with big dog. Can you share more? Maybe stories about how he helps his mom with house chores, etc. :) My wife was telling me she'd like to have another Donut when she's back! Cheers.

David said...

Looks like a mighty fine experience of a lifetime you're having!

SoGua said...

wow your company really good, able to send u oversea for training!

ur Donut look very sad in the previous post like this :(