Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Project All About Sudoku!

"Hi I am James, and I am addicted to Sudoku, it all started few weeks ago...".

I admit that I am very addicted to the game. I must play at least one Sudoku puzzle a day or else I feel that something is missing from me. And it's a very good brain exercise for everyone, is highly recommended for anyone who's older then 30+ and people will start calling u "uncle", like me :-(

I love the game so much that I was actually thinking of putting one Sudoku puzzle as part of the interview questions for a Java developer position which I'm hiring for my present Company. I think that if one can't even solve a simple Sudoku puzzle within a given time frame, their problem solving skill is pretty much limited. Somehow, my Manager rejected this idea.

My "Geek" friend Paul Ho and I had several interesting discussions about the game ... about algorithms on generating a unique Sudoku, what is the best program logic to solve a given puzzle ... so on. As a 120% "geek" than me and a very good Java developer, Paul was able to come out with a Java base Sudoku game under 4K and completed within 1 week time frame. Well done Paul! Bravo !

Paul 4K Sudoku game (download from here) actually triggered me to start my very first open source project called "Project all about Sudoku" hosted at The aim of this project is to provide a platform (A Java Swing Application) for developers around the world to participate by delivering various kind of plugins to make this addictive game more fun, entertaining and most importantly ... Free For All!.

Well, this project just went "live" yesterday and u can download a "SQLPlus" version of the game. Appreciate if u could check it out and do tell me what do u think. I could use all your support to boost the project ranking.


SLeeK@ER said...

i havent try yet the game... but does too difficult we need to use the eraser all the time?? i mean the game in the paper

chloe said...

sudoku keeps me awake! but it also keeps me away from me homework. =(

David said...

Wow! Now that is a rather weird open source project... hahahaha.

daniel said...

my 007.... James....
Keep SudoKuing... and have fund

Paul Ho said...

I like the 'boss;' command best! Ha ha ha ... so cute! Well done. I like it pretty much and it is so fast.... and all these in Java? (shameless marketing technique)

Free Sudoku puzzles said...

Here Is a good online sudoku site :

Rijk Willemse said...

I am addicted to Sudoku! I made an inventory of methods for solving even the most difficult Sudoku. Start with looking for duo's, it's an eye opener!
Check for details.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This sudoku puzzle at will keep your eyes open :)