Thursday, October 18, 2007

[Blog Action Day] - Watch Planet Earth

Ops, I suppose to post a blog on saving our planet earth at 15-Oct-2007 for Blog Action day, and I forgot about it.. , shit...I am getting old...:-(

Anywhere, since I am not very good about environment statistic, political issues on green effort, and how we could really help, I link up few environmentalist's blog for ur reading:

For me, my suggestion is simple. Go and get Planet Earth Series from BBC, (rent it, purchase it, or steal it from ur friend), spend a weekend, and watch it together with your family. I personal guarantee u will amaze and appreciate how beautiful our planet earth is.

Then, just think that, most of beautiful scenes or animals we seen from the series will probably disappear in 1-2 years time...shouldn't we all do somethings to preserve our beautiful lands...

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