Monday, October 01, 2007

We are living on a very unfriendly world..

My post about Car Pool idea created a lot of heated discussion. Couple of my friends commented that although, in general, they like my idea. they do concern about security, question like "what if car pool partner is a crazy person, or a rapist", or "how could I trust my Car Pool Partner if we never meet before", and etc.

This has strike me a lot of thinking, and wonder what's happening to our world?
I still remember when I was young, I always go out and play with my neighbor's kid for hours before dinner time, and most of time, out of our parent's vision. We always go back on time for dinner, and Mom/Dad seldom question us where we went, how's our school, as long as we finished our homework before bed time.

I remember back then, where there 's not Astro (Our Boardband TV provider), we always pass our rental Hong Kong TV series video tape to each other, and returned our tape just before the due date. My mom always exchanges food with my neighbor, and we always "pijam" (i.e borrow) things from each other. When there is new people move into our area, we always go and help, and that always ends with a welcome tea party.

I can't recall there is many crimes back then as compare today. Now, kids always closely monitor by their parent. I hardly know my neighbor, and people in general, just don't open their heart easily as compare to the pass. What's has change?

It's is due to all the media (TV, news paper, radio, internet) like to cover bad news then good news? Or people in generally poorer as compare to past, and hence the increase of crime rate?

I have no idea...could anyone enlighten me?

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