Friday, January 16, 2009

我的初恋 - 海珊

Do u on and off miss your puppy love? And when u do, do u smile of those happy moments u both share or those little secret only and u and her know? Do u occasionally still hope that one day, u could meet up with her again, even after many many years u have lost contact with her?

Well, I do. Her name is 海珊 (i.e Coral), and here is our story.

1989, I am 17, face full of pimples, am study at Seremban Chong Hua High School. 海珊 joined our class (Form 5 Science Class-B) after long holiday break.

"Class, we have a new student join us today, her name is 海珊, and previously she is from..", our teacher introduce her, while I still half awake, and half asleep.

"Ubi (my nick name, i.e Potato), wake up! got Leng Lui (pretty girl) joining our class..", my friend Thong try to awake me...


"Hi everyone, my name is 海珊, glad to joining this class..."

Wow, such a lovely and cute cute voice, fully awake now,Oh my god! she is indeed a pretty girl and till now, I still remember her first smile. When she smile to every one of us, I feels that our class room is brighter, warmer, and fresher, as there is a little Sun, shining through from her head. I swear I didn't exaggerate any of this. this is what I truely feels then, maybe this is love at first sight?

"珊, u could sit beside Khoo..", did I hear that correctly? my teacher just ask her to sit beside teacher, muak muak.. thanks very much. I promise I will not sleep again in your class.

"Hi, 珊 here, nice to meet you.",

"Hi, my name is Khoo.. ", When I am about to start my usual James Bond style introduction, i.e Khoo, James Khoo.. ..

"And we all call him Ubi", Thong interrupted, stupid Thong, spoil my image..

She chuckle a bit, and give her right hand toward me.. I just sit that, admiring her smile, and no idea what to do next, till Thong smack my head. "Yoi!, Stupid, she wants to shake your hand..gentleman a little lah"..

"Oh, Oh, sorry, nice to meet you!", nervously give my left hand toward her, and about to shake her hand, ops! found out given wrong hand, quickly change to my right hand instead, and she is doing the same... and then, our first magical moment just happen..

We looks into each other..
Eye to Eye.
Then time just stop.
The whole class room just have me and her,
And, we shake hand, smile, and laugh at each other.
And this is how we first meet.

To be continue..


David said...

Sure boh Ubi, sounds like a love story you invented... hahahaha

Beth said...

Hi James,

What I feel is Love is by feeling not by decision.