Friday, January 02, 2009

My New Tattoo

Finally, I did it..

It's not as pain as I have imagined, just the waiting process of my tattoo artist to prepare my tattoo logo, placing the tattoo outline on my arm, prepare color, install new needle, change the music player to his favorite Music CD, and start "needle" me is killing me... Haha

Here's the video of the process, warning, a bit violent

Know what my mom say, when she saw my new Tattoo?

"Wow, gangster ah, u.....!"

1 comment:

Joyce Chung said...

Hi, it is nice to know you are happy with this tattoo. The Aries Ram is nice and cute. In facebook many girls had given their comment about that, hehehe ....... So dun need my comment anymore ....

Wish you have a happy, success ...