Thursday, January 22, 2009

我的初恋 - 海珊 - Part III

珊 and I stayed at school hostel (don't worry, guy and girl do stay in different dorms), we start getting very close to each other after the "Express Lunch Delivery" incident. We went to school together every morning, went to library after school to finish our homework. and, we usually have casual walk around our school after our dinner. We chit chat, enjoy sunset, admiring each other during those walk. People just envy or jealous about two of us, even our teachers also know there is "little love in the air" between me and 珊.

There are many times during those casual walk I really wants to hold 珊's hand, like pretend to fall down, hope she will try to catch me, or try to get my hand very close to her, but all fails, one reason is I am still very shy, and the other reason is Chong Hua high school is very strict, any boy and girl get caught of holding hand by our discipline teacher will call into her office, and be prepared to nag by her for at least two hours, and worse, both parents will be notified, haha.

I know my only chance to hold her hand legally is to invite her to play lover bridge game at the Chinese new years party, in three weeks times. FYI, the Chinese new year party is yearly event organized by students who stay at school hostel (There are about 1000 of us stay at school hostel that year). The party usually run one week before Chinese new year. Teacher are invited to the party, with yummy foods and drinks, stage performances by students (comedy, singing, dance, magic show, and etc) from different dorms, and most importantly some party games.

The most anticipated event for us (well, for guy at least) is the "LoverBridge" game at the end of the party, where Guy are allows to invite any girl, hand hold the girl to quickly go through "Lover bridge" (form by a group students) before music stop. When the music stop, the bridge will lower down, and any pair caught in the bridge will be out of the game, and the game continue..kind of childish from today standarad, I know.. But that time, we consider that is a very big event for "Single" Guy like us..

To attend the party, and to make me stands out compare with others, I needs the following:
a) A new shining cloth and jean
b) A smooth and clean face,

A) Getting a new Shining Cloth and Jean

"Mom, can I have RM50?", I asked my Mom.

"RM50!!!!! What for!! U think is easy to earn RM50 ah, u know how much I can bough for family RM50...blah blah blah.......", Mom scolded me.

"I needs to buy new cloth and jean..", I said

"New cloths!!!! you should have enough cloths and jeans in your closet. I just bough u new jean 6 months ago, OK! why u so so greedy and selfish!!! ....blah blah....", Mom nagging..

"Our school's Chinese New Year party is coming in two weeks time", I said

"So what, can't ur wear your exsting cloth..blah blah blah...blah", Mom continue to nag me

"But Mom! I have to wear a bit smart to impress a girl I like loh, her name is 海珊", I said

"Oh! really?!!!! OK, OK, here is RM50", Mom give me RM50, "Now, tell me more about this girl 海珊, is she pretty, how many brother and sisters she have, where do she stay, blah blah.."


"OK OK, will not ask any more question, when u will bring back the girl for mom to see.?"

"Bye, Mom.."

---------- To be continue -------

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