Tuesday, January 20, 2009

我的初恋 - 海珊 - Part II

珊 not only a pretty girl, she is friendly, helpful and very smart, all this have make her a very popular girl in our school. For me, because I am bit shy that time (Remember, my face full of pimples that time) I am just admired her secretly, observed her from a distance, and jealous by myself when she start talking a bit friendly to other guys.

Our second magical moments happen three weeks later..

"Everyone, do finish up your essay, and submit to my desk by today", our Chinese language teacher remind us, before she end the class.

Everyone has finished their essay, and rushing for lunch. Except 珊..still working hard to finish her essay.

"Still have a lot to write?", I ask.

"Yep", she answer quietly.

"Ubi Khoo, hurry up, we all waiting for u, hungry lah!!!!", my friends urging me to go to cafeteria for our lunch..

"Ok, Ok, coming", me walking unwillingly toward my friends.

While at the cafeteria, I start getting very concern about her, as we only have one hour lunch break. I am worried that she might don't able to take her lunch before our afternoon class start.

So I excuse myself, order some light foods and drink, and quickly rush back (is more like running 100 meter in 10 seconds) to our classroom, and found out that 珊 still working very hard on her essay.

I walk quietly toward her, slowly and nervously hand over the foods and drink to her, and say "Err....this is for u.."

She first stare the food and drink, and then she looks into my eye, smile and say "Thanks, we share share the food, ok!", Bingo!..

Then ..the magic just happen..

She slowly raise her hand, to tidy up my shirt, and comb my hair a bit..
"Next time, u don't have to run, ok."

Wow, I am just stun, like forever, and no idea what to do next..she just smile away.

From that moment, I know I am in love with her, and she soft of "confirm" that I am her Boyfriend.

However, we only start holding each other hand about two weeks later.

------- To be continue --------


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, I also know of a sweet girl named 海珊. But forgot her last name. Have not been meeting her for 10+ years. Her family live in PJ. In case she is the same one.

James Khoo said...

Yeap 海珊 did stay in PJ, she only study in Seremban Chong Hua for a semester only..

Do u still have her contact? Just like to know how is she, and some catchup with her..

Do let me know!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Mr. Khoo, I doubt that this is the same 海珊. It will be way beyond coincident.

Anyway, the sweet girl 海珊 I know of should be about 35/36 this year. I doubt that she is 37. She went to the States for U. I last met her around '93/'94 in PJ. Man, time flied. I wish I had her contact too.

James Khoo said...

海珊 should be 35/36 this year, she is one year younger then me..I am going to be 37 this year..

David said...

Good twist in the story. But the "Anonymous" is a bit too obvious. Sounds like one person replying to himself ;)

Anonymous said...

No, David, I can assure you that, me, the anonymous :), is not Mr. Khoo himself :). At least Mr. Khoo didn't know 海珊 studied in US. May be still a differnt 海珊.

Anonymous said...


David said...

In that case, come on, part 3 already! :D

It would be even better if either of you could supply an old photo of 海珊 so we can imagine what she would look like now.