Tuesday, January 27, 2009

我的初恋 - 海珊 - Part IV

The important day finally come, I had a cold shower,putting on my new jean and cloth, and ask my friend to help me "styled my hair. I looks into mirror and told myself, "yes James, u can do it, u are good looking, and cute (i.e ugly but adorable, haha)". I am ready.

While at the school hall, I am getting nervous, and my palm start sweating, and getting bit wet. Stupid James, cool down, Ok. How u expect to hand hold her hand with ur slippy hand. Cool down.. Hm, where is 珊? is she ok?

Found her at the back stage. 珊 have two stage performances, a group dance, and a solo dance, she is rehearsal some dance routine, which take my breath away, glamorous and enchanting. I just stand a one corner, and admiring her from a distance. Finally, she notice me, I then smiled at her, give a "V" hand signal to her, wishing her luck for the performance, she smile and acknowledge it. I quietly walk back to my seat, as the show about to start.

珊 solo dance performance wins a lot of applaud and cheers from audiences, I notice a lot of of my senior start noticing her, and whispering who is the girl, some even say must invite her for the lover bridge game later. O oh, no good no good..

When the DJ announced the lover bridge game about to start, and asking all of us to get our partner ready, I quickly runs toward 珊, wanted to invite her for the game, however, 珊 is already been approached by 5-6 seniors, and they all are popular and handsome then me. 珊 didn't notice me at all, knowing the chance to invite her for the game is very slim, I am sad, and disappointed, quietly walk away.

Suddenly, someone hold my hand..

"Hey, where have u been!!!, I been waiting for u to invite me for the game, you stupid!", 珊 said in a cute voice, with the tone pretending she is upset..

Then she give me a light kiss on my cheek, and said. "btw, u are very handsome today.."

"But, only for today..haha", 珊 giggled.

------------- To be Continue --------------

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程飛 said...

When will Part V be published?
Wait till neck so long. Lunch hour dun hv story to read. =Þ