Thursday, September 22, 2005

Donut Diary - I went to Party!

30th July 2005- Saturday

I overhear there is a party for pugs. So I beg my slave James to bring me to the party.

“Hello, I want to go to PugSquad party! I want to meet with other pugs....please.......please!”

James: But I am so tired ... I need to rest OK?

Joyce: I am also very tired. Please understand OK, nice puppy!

Note: The PugSquad party is a monthly gathering event for Pug Owners in KL area.

I don't care....I want to Go To Pugsquad Party! I want to meet with other puggies ... bow wow, wow wow!!! If you don't bring me to party, I will bite the sofa, pee pee and poo poo everywhere...

OK, my slave owner finally granted my request and preparing me for my first big social event.

I am so handsome and so ready for Party, yes!!!!

At the party!

“Hi, I am Donut, very nice to meet you !!!”

L-R Doggies: Smith, Sugar and Donut

“Let go of me, your armpit is so smelly”

“Where are my slave (i.e James and Joyce) gone?”

“Who cares!!!, let's party again...1, 2, 3 and 1,2 3”..

Slave: “ So, u happy now?”

Me: “Yes!!”

Slave: “And, you want to go for next party?”

Me: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

It's 10.00 pm and I'm so tired and sleepy already .... What a night !

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