Thursday, September 22, 2005

[Movie Review] Nobody Knows

The movie “Nobody knows” tells a story about how four kids (All under age 12) survived living in a small apartment in Tokyo, after their Mother abandoned them. This movie left a powerful and deep impact on me. At this very moment, the movie ending is still stuck on my mind.  I dreamed about it and woke up several times, thinking about all the kids in the movie. I almost cried this morning when I discovered from stories in the Internet that the movie is actually based on a true event which happened in Japan during 1988  ...

When I was watching the movie, I was upset because if only people around the kids could have paid more attention to their needs, their circumstances could be changed for the better,  ....  I then realised that the movie also projected the reality around us that “Nobody knows” repeat similar events happening around us everyday. How many times that we just walk pass the homeless people and totally ignore them? How many of us know our neighbors's name and their family too? How long we haven't called back to our parents and to find out how are they? How many of our hearts turn numb when CNN reports war or disasters happening far far away elsewhere? How many people are desperately seeking for help but "NOBODY KNOWS" ?

If we could just care a little more .....

PS. Please watch this movie . Don't read any critics or reviews first . And most importantly do share your thoughts with Me.

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