Thursday, September 22, 2005

Please change your email subject before replying a email

I feel annoy when receiving a reply email, where the email content are not related with the email subject. People are just “lazy” to compose new email, and fill in address field with new email subject, they simply wanted hit reply button, where the addree is pre-filled, even if the content is not related to the subject. Here's what happen to me today.

(Phone ringing)
Me: “Hello, James Khoo Speaking”
Wong: “Hello, James, this is Wong, could u send me your project status report ASAP. I have send u a email to remind u this morning.”
Me: “No, I did not receive any reminder email from u this morning.”
Wong: “ I did send!”
Me :No, you didn't”
--- One Minute later ---
Wong: “ OK, OK stop fighting like a child, Could u check your inbox now.”
Me : “OK, opening my inbox, let me check, you did send me a email with subject of “[RE:Wanted to see Star Wars III this Friday?]..but I didn't receive any reminder email from u”
Wong: “Tha't the reminder email, check the content"
Me:"Then in the first place, why don't u cange the email subject.."

What do you u think?

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